Your Trader Joe’s List

Hi! We have been waiting to hear from you! Trader Joe’s List would like to know more about YOU (the happy customer). Comment below:

  1. Name (include @ if you’re on twitter)
  2. Favorite Store
  3. Fun fact
  4. Favorite item(s)


Trader Joe’s List

56 Responses to “Your Trader Joe’s List”

  1. Eli Says:

    1. Eli Star
    2. Manhattan Beach TJS is the BEST
    3. I like fuzzy socks.
    4. Rice Crips!!! mmmm!!

  2. Natasha Fischer Says:

    1. Natasha Fischer (@natashafischer)
    2. Manhattan Beachhhhh
    3. i love iPhone land =)
    4. chocolately cat cookies for people!!

  3. Dianna Says:

    1. Dianna (@DZazzy)

    2. 14th St. New York, NY – you are welcome to open MORE STORES in Manhattan any time!!!!

    3. TJ’s opening in Manhattan changed my life!

    4. Love the frozen (some marinated some not) fish, TJs creamy valencia organic peanut butter and TJs creamy raw almond butter (had to buy crunchy once) rock my world and the TJs Island Soyaki sauce makes almost anything better – from fish to veggies… yummmmm

  4. Evelyn R. (@CrankyOwl) Says:

    1. @CrankyOwl
    2. Portland — Hollywood TJ’s
    3. The kiwi is a flightless bird from New Zealand
    4. Chocolate Mousse Collaboration!

  5. JoeTaxpayer Says:

    1) @joetaxpayerblog
    2) Acton, MA
    3) The term Paparazzi came from Fellini’s film, La Dolce Vita. Before that, they were just annoying camera guys.
    4) TJ’s Soyaki marinade (coffee Rios are Jane’s pick)

  6. Cyndi Says:

    1) @originalcynic
    2) Nashville TJ’s (or Ventura, Ca when I’m home!)
    3) I’ve sat on a lion and ridden an elephant)
    4) TJ’s Barbeque Sauce, Triple Ginger Snaps. Peppermint Joe-Joes, Kettle Corn, and Gnocci!

  7. Josephine Says:

    1. @JosephineCraig
    2. San Diego TJ’s in Mira Mesa
    3. Semper Fi wife!
    4. The wines! I buy a new kind every time I go πŸ™‚

  8. Gayle Montgomery Says:

    Name (include @ if you’re on twitter) Gayle M. Montgomery @Indigo_Nights

    Favorite Store Monrovia

    Fun fact I NEVER go into a big chain super market if there’s a Trader Joes I can go to instead. Food’s tastier, healthier, cheaper, and there aren’t as many aisle clogging idiots at Trader Joes (shop, get what you want, get out of my way, LOL).

    Favorite item(s) Chicken Gyoza, Chicken Tamales, Chicken Mini Tacos, Spanokopita, Spinach Lasagna, any of your cookies, Blueberry Bread, Flatbread, you name it.

  9. Rachel Says:


    San Francisco, Ca
    I shop at the Masonic and the Mason St. stores

    Fun fact… my job is making comic books.

    My favorite TJ treats:
    Frozen enchiladas, grilled eggplant wrap, brown rice california rolls, ALL of the packaged Indian foods, the TJs brand of Greek yogurt, the Fiber O’s cereal, Trader O’s sandwich cookies, and the half manga sorbet/half rice milk icecream!

  10. Stephanie Says:

    1) Stephanie (@svr_foster or @BabyFoodBlog)
    2) Trader Joe’s Glendale and Silver Lake
    3) I have a blog about making homemade, healthy organic babyfood for children of all ages. I am trying to promote a healthier generation by making parents aware of what they are putting into their child’s body (
    4) pork potstickers, chicken potstickers, Belgian chocolate pudding, any of the organic produce, the packaged nuts and most of the frozen vegetables (especially the organic foursome).

  11. Katie Says:

    1. @katieRbromley
    2. Sandy Springs, Georgia
    3. I eat peanut butter with a spoon
    4. Mandarin orange chicken and dark chocolate covered pretzels. Not together.

    • Judith Says:

      Favorite store: Studio City, Calif

      Fun fact: It took me 35 yrs. to get the courage to say “hello” to Jackson Browne!? (another reason besides TJs, that I’m glad I live in Ca.)

      Being able to buy food w/o pesticides, antibiotics, coloring, mercury, excess sodium, etc., AND the strawberry shortcake’s not too shabby either ; )

  12. Jessica Says:

    1. Jessica (include @JessicaLSnow)
    2. San Jose
    3. I’m on a very serious quest to find the perfect non-fat frozen yogurt
    4. Fiber cereal, the produce, the wines (esp. any moscato I can find), TJ’s greek yogurt, the shrimp stir fry, the fruit bars, indian food and anything chocolate. This list could probably actually go on for pages.

  13. burpexcuzme Says:

    1. Sophia Lee @burp_excuzme

    2. Los Angeles, La Brea

    3. I eat 1/2 lb of nuts a day

    4. 0% Greek yogurt, which is OUT every time I visit TJ, oat bran, almond butter, gnocchi, pistachios, dry-roasted almonds, roasted cashews, PB-pretzels, anything cheap and tasty!

  14. stephanie kelly Says:

    1. @stephanieakelly

    2. TJ’s in Chicago on Ontario & Rush

    3. I visit TJ’s at least three times a week.

    4. Shrimp Gyoza, Peppermint JoJo’s, Frozen Eggplant Parmesan, Reduced Guilt Pita Chips, White Bean Hummus, Frozen Arribiata Pasta, Organic Tomato Soup

  15. Kelli Jo Says:

    1. Kelli Jo (@kellijoclaxton)

    2. 14th Street, New York City

    3. Peanuts are not actually nuts.

    4. TJ’s Rotini pasta! Salmon Roulettes, everything bagel chips, mango greek yogurt

  16. Tamara Meade Says:

    Oceanside, NY – b/c its the closest but it doesnt have wine, I NEEEED SOME TJ WINE!!!
    I can eat A LOT of pancakes
    My current favorite item- the Mini Chicken Tacos but I love so many things that was a hard choice to make.

  17. Alicia Says:

    1. alicia @aliciasturdy
    2. clybourn/clifton in Chicago!!
    3. i’m addicted to running and sushi
    4. CORN SALSA, lime juice frozen fruit bars, yogurt pretzels, Vinho Verde (Espiral)

  18. traveleatlove Says:

    1) @traveleatlovemm
    2) Memorial Drive in Cambridge, MA
    3) Almost all of my blog recipes include a TJ’s item
    4) Dark chocolate, Trader Joe’s Zinfandel, 0% Greek yogurt, mushroom truffle flatbread, and the chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches that I can’t find anymore!

  19. Julie Mead Says:

    Julie Mead (@jules23)
    Woodmere, Ohio store
    I lost lost 149 lbs in 14 months πŸ™‚
    Chocolate croissants (OMG -delicious)

  20. Dave Says:

    1) Dave (@VBGlacier)
    2) Fairfax, VA store
    3) I’ve been to 47 of the 50 states (never been to Maine, Minnesota or Alaska)
    4) Chicken Taquitos, Lemongrass Chicken Sticks, Peppermint JoJos, Edamame Snack crackers, Arancini Bites, Sesame Crepes, Black Toad Ale

  21. lamps33 Says:

    Newport Beach, CA
    I love to travel and try new foods!
    Black bean and corn enchiladas. Yum!

  22. Cynthia Says:

    1. Cynthia (@cynthesisofcrap)
    2. Riverside, CA
    3. I synthesize a lot of lame jokes
    4. I love your spinach and…j/k. I LOVE your cinnamon swirls cereal, Belgian chocolate, pesto pizza and mochi ice cream.

  23. Carmen Kitty Says:

    1) Carmen @CarmenKitty

    2) Pasadena or Rosemead

    3) I can devour sushi any time, any day.

    4) Truffle Brownie mix, Hummus Quad, Vanilla Cake Mix, Organic Marinara Sauce, Tortilla Chips .. list goes on!

  24. Gretchen Says:

    1. gretchen @gretchenandrus
    2. Brighton. MA
    3. I like to dance to the music while shopping at Trader Joe’s

  25. traitor joe Says:

    1. Traitor Joe (@traitorjoes)
    2. all of that serve deliciously unsustainable seafood
    3. arrrgggg!
    4. all of TJ’s unsustainable seafood, especially the orange rough fillet and the fish sticks made of the severely depleted alaskan pollock stocks… hmmm hmmm, ocean destruction never tasted so good!

  26. Deb Says:

    Deb @dbitzan

    I shop at the Dublin store in Ohio, am moving to SF Bay area, but my favorite store is in Queen Anne, Seattle WA. Nicest staff ever!

    … TJ’s saved me after I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

    Fave finds: Red Pepper Hummus, 2 Buck Chuck, FroYo, GF Ginger Snaps, Oh My! Omega Trek Mix, both the Paneer and Chicken Tikka, Argentinian Red Shrimp, Dark Chocolate with Raisins and Pecans, Fage 0%, Babybel Light, Larabars, Pirate Booty… the list goes on :).

  27. Katie Says:

    1. Katie McCoy @hotairballoon
    2. Florham Park
    3. TJ makes my move from NYC to NJ a little easier…
    4. The pre-packaged guac mix. A ripe avocado, tomato and onion. All for $1.99!

  28. Sherry @FleurdeVee Says:

    Buckhead Store in Atlanta
    My 91 year old father shops at the TJ in San Clemente and Laguna Niguel!
    Favorites include Tejva, Joe Joe cookies, Saucy Scallops with Mushrooms, well we really like everything!

  29. Chaunda Anderson Celentano Says:

    1. Chaunda (@Anderstrong)
    2. 3rd and LaBrea Los Angeles, CA
    3. I once lived in Lemoore and would drive > 80 miles round trip to in order to shop TJs.
    4. Sunflower Butter, TJs Apricot Greek Yogurt, TJ’s Mac & Cheese (in the oven), Beef Barley Soup, Flax-Seed Tortilla Chips, any steam in the bag veggie, Wintry Blend Coffee, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, Buffalo Jerky…I could go on all day!

  30. ayanabaltrip Says:

    I’m not a very happy customer these days. I’m disappointed Trader Joe’s (here in the SF Bay Area) has discontinued yet another item I have relied on for several years. That item is Bisous de Provence’s Green Tea Triple Milled Soap. This was a great seller here and is a great product.

    I don’t get it, and am quite disappointed once again. I’m doing more shopping at farmer’s markets and BiRite.

  31. napangel Says:

    1. Ann: @napangel
    2. Woodbury, MN
    3. I’m working on a 365 photo project.
    4. Greek yogurt, chocolate-covered edamame, frozen naan bread

  32. Lauren Cantrelle Says:

    Lauren @Startrelle
    TJ’s Culver City, West Hollywood @ Studio City
    I love little yappy dogs and fat fuzzy cats!
    My TJ’s faves: The Organic Chocolate Chip Cookies, Carrot Cake Muffins and Sesame Sticks are the ultimate!

  33. tracy Says:

    1. TJ in Portland, OR, excited about Corvallis opening in 10 days!

    2. I drink a pot of coffee a day!

    3. Lemon cake from TJ’s

  34. Laura Says:

    Trader Joes…please, please come to Tampa Florida, I have been without you for 12 years….Keeping my fingers crossed that you will come here someday soon, I need my Trader Joe’s fix…:)

  35. Kristen Pratt Says:

    1. Kristen Pratt
    2. Temecula TJ’S
    3. Tish is often a nickname for Natasha
    4. Cat Cookies for people, any flavor….with swiss cheese!

  36. Christie {Honoring Health} Says:

    1. @honoringhealth
    2. Short Pump, Richmond, VA
    3. Grocery shopping is my favorite shopping
    4. raw almond butter

  37. Chris Faver Says:

    @ChrisFaver. Usually Cerritos, CA store or Seal Beach, CA we love!

    We love travel! I love to check out all the different TJ’s cuz of the uniqueness to each one.

    And I like everything there!

  38. Chaunda Anderson Celentano Says:

    YMy name is Chaunda and you can find me on twitter @Anderstrong. My favorite TraderJoes is PCH in Long Beach, CA. A fun fact about myself is that I could never live in CO because there are no TJ’s. Why is that? Anyway, my favorite item is TJ’s Wintry blend coffee because it is so comforting on a chilly day.

  39. Miranda D Says:

    Curry-flavored Tandouri Bread! … Wasabi Oil! … Tsatziki with that awesome Spicy Spinach Flatbread & the fabulous Olive Mix in the cold section!

    But hey guys, us folks in Sherman Oaks need a bigger Store with more parking!!

    And please, please, please bring back Truffle Oil & Zebra Bars!

    Love You!

  40. Corey :D Says:

    1. @roundraven
    2. Tyngsboro, Ma., wish for NH store!
    3. I’ve learned that a yummy, delicious dinner
    can be made in an hour – every day.
    4. Really like the olive oils and coffee blends – but most of all – love the philosophy of the store and wish there was a TJ’s locally. Can I start my own?

  41. Chaunda Anderson Celentano Says:

    My name is Chaunda and you can find me as @Anderstrong on twitter. My favorite Trader Joe’s is #43 on PCH in Long Beach, CA. A fun fact about me is that although I love the state of CO, I could never live there because there are no Trader Joe’s!!! (Why is that anyway?) My favorite TJ’s item has to be the Wintry Blend seasonal coffee, because nothing has ever been so comforting as drinking a cup on a chilly morning. I love you TJ’s!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Janet Says:

    Name: @janettwokay
    Favorite Store: is a secret (to protect my identity)
    Fun fact: too many to mention (most of them are x-rated)
    Favorite item(s): too many to mention (most of them are fattening)

  43. Savory Tv Says:

    Dear Trader Joe’s, please come to Colorado! xoxo

  44. Ellie A. Says:

    1. Ellie- Elliesworld on Twitter
    2. T.J on Oceanside, Long Island NY
    3. I always would see Trader Joe for yrs. and though there is nothing in there that I would really like..Until one day… NOW I think WHY did I wait so long?
    4. 3 Layer T.J Hummus. THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD T.J made me a Hummus convert!

  45. Kendall Says:

    Name: @morty1999
    Favorite store: San Mateo Hillsdale
    Fun fact: I’m in class right now
    Favorite item: sesame flapjacks, french flatbread pizza, joe joe’s & cream ice cream, etc.

  46. tazaaubry Says:

    1. @creolekittykat

    2. it’s a tie between westchester & culver city ca

    3. i can’t ride a bike

    4. pastry bites – ham & cheese on puffed pastry πŸ˜€

  47. James Says:

    1. J. Cowan @cowan_j
    2. Old Town Alexandria VA
    3. Powerberries do indeed melt if kept in the pantalones for too long…go figure.
    4. Barbara’s Bakery PB Puffins! or TJs PowerBerries! or Thai Spicy nuts! (yes, at this point I’m yelling)

    Cheers- (Get to San Antonio already)

  48. Gina J Says:

    2.Cobble Hill, Bklyn
    3.I’ve lost about 50 lbs since I started eating healthier
    4. shrimp gyoza, balsamic veggies, brioche rolls,polenta w/veggies, pecan cookies, $1.49 Organic tofu, etc.

  49. Gina G Says:

    Name: Gina Gonzalez (@GinaGonzalez12)
    Favorite store: Trader Joe’s on La Brea & Third
    Fun fact: I’ve created two GIS maps on Trader Joe’s for a class
    Favorite item(s): Crispy Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Flourless Chocolate Cake, Vegetable Burritos, Vegetable Masala Burger, Mac N Cheese Bites, Chicken Taquitos, Breaded Chicken Tenderloin Breasts

  50. lisapaynechirico Says:

    1. Lisa @lisapaynchirico
    2. Jenkintown, PA
    3. Elephants are the only mammals that can’t jump
    4. Pizza fixins’, heat&serve grilled chiken, basmati rice medley, TJ spicy chai latte, TJ multigrain crackers, danish pancakes

  51. janettwokay Says:

    1. Name: @janettwokay
    2. Favorite Store: Northern CA
    3. Fun fact: I’m more fun than a barrel of monkeys
    4. Favorite item(s): Cherry tomatoes, Teriyaki chicken, Corn on the cob, Potatoes of all kinds, etc.

  52. Cathi Mims Yamaguchi Says:

    1. Name @rainbowlite
    2. Favorite store:Whittier
    3. Fun fact: I can touch my tongue to my nose.
    4.Favorite items: Triple Ginger cookies,cashews, tamales and toffee

  53. JenniferoSF Says:

    1. @Jennifer jenniferosf
    2. Masonic x Geary, SF
    3. My little boy waves goodbye to all the TJs staff and says, “See you next week!”
    4. Your ketchup (has crack in it), your mayo (has crack in it), Maitre Pierre ham & gruyere pizza (crack in it although is getting too small), your frozen French toast (has child’s crack in it), your frozen meatballs (have yet to try your new BBQ sauce), Triple Berry Joe’s O’s (has child’s crack in it), fruit crushers (ditto).

  54. Elijah Says:

    1. elijah star
    2. West Hollywood
    3. Ribit (my favorite noise)
    4.I’m a huge fan of this blog!! Keep it up!! Just a quick note on a very secret recipe that I discovered while rummaging through my fridge today!

    Do you like canned Salmon? I bet you have a thing for baked Gorganzola crackers too? Well simply indulge in a delicious mid afternoon snack like I did and discover immediate JOY!

    Thanks Trader Blog!

  55. Terry Lindler Says:

    My name is Terry and I live in Dilworth, I shop at Trader Joe’s at Metropol Avenue often. My experience has been good there with the employees except for SAM. SAM is a bitch that is lazy, not helpful with locating items in the store, doesn’t know TJ’s products, and SAM is obese (fat as hell). SAM is very unpleasant to be around and she never smiles. SAM always seems mad with the world. SAM is extremely ugly, dumber than dumb, and is out of shape with a flat, flat wide ass that looks like a big wide flat screen t.v. SAM deserves and needs to be fired immediately. Whoever hired her must have been drinking and blind. The next time you are in TJ’s (Metropol Ave.) slap SAMS face and give her your middle finger. SAM has a green tattoo on her right lower arm that is gross and disgusting. SAM works at TJ’s at 1133 Metropolitian Avenue, The managers name is Mark.

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