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Because Trader Joe’s List loves their fans, we want to hear more about you and what you like from Trader Joe’s. This site is dedicated 100% to you, yourself, and you you you! Comment about your favorite items, items you want to see in stock, even things that don’t tickle your TJs taste buds!

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4 Responses to “Recipes n’ YOU @TJsList”

  1. The Candid RD Says:

    I just baked a Trader Joe’s spaghetti squash for 55 minutes at 375 degrees, then spooned it into a bowl and added some Trader Joe’s spaghetti squash (which happens to have a lower amount of sodium than most sauces…yeah!). It was delicious.

  2. Valley Girl Show Says:

    VG shops Trader Joes!

    Check out THE VALLEY GIRL!

    The Valley Girl Show is a goofy and entertaining web-series talk show, hosted by actress Jesse Draper, featuring interviews with the top CEO’s and entrepreneurs in the world.

    Imagine if Reese Witherspoon’s character in Legally Blonde had taken on Silicon Valley instead of Harvard Law – and been brunette – you have the Valley Girl. A graduate of UCLA’s school of Theater, Film and Television, Draper’s unconventional method of interviewing draws out the personalities of some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley and the world! Taking a tip from her father, well-known venture capitalist Tim Draper of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, the Valley Girl illustrates the simplicity of business while including the fun tidbits that you don’t get to see on Charlie Rose. Using her high profile guests as examples, Draper shows that anyone is capable of starting a company. Like a pink Ellen Degeneres, she brings the real ‘movers and shakers’ of the world to life in positive way! The Valley Girl Show is the perfect antidote to a society that views the Paris Hilton’s of the world as celebrities. Draper’s guests are not the typical teen-idols, but she provides enough goofiness, entertainment and PINK to appeal to, while inspiring and educating, younger generations. A fun trip for all ages, the Valley Girl will surely unleash the entrepreneur inside of everyone! Stop having a case of the Monday’s and spend them with The Valley Girl!

  3. Stephanie Foster Says:

    8 ounces Trader Joe’s marscapone cheese
    Organic fruit (strawberries, canteloupe) for dipping
    Organic Trader Joe’s clover honey
    Trader Joe’s cinnamon

    Add honey and cinnamon to cheese to taste until smooth. Dip fruit in and enjoy.

  4. Nena Says:

    Lighty brown half Soy Chorizo in one pan
    In another pan cook a bag of roasted potatoes according to direction and add some frozen spinach when you add bell pepper/onion packet, when its done add chorizo and enjoy as taco fillingor add egg for a complete breakfast.

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